Please follow this link to download the update to your hard drive:

You will need a minimum 8 GB USB drive. Max compatible size is 32 GB. Please do not use 64 GB USB drive. 

Please use FAT32 file partition when formatting. Other format partition will not work with the head unit.

Please extract all the files from the download zip files.
These are the folders included in the zip files and the vehicle reference:



QL2017 KIA Sportage
QL172018 KIA Sportage
UM2016 - 2018 KIA Sorento
UMPE2019 KIA Sorento
YD2017 - 2018 KIA Forte 4 Dr
YD2D2017 - 2018 KIA Forte 2 Dr
YD5D2017 - 2018 KIA Forte 5 Dr


AD2017 - 2018 Hyundai Elantra

Please create new folder called "DAUDIO" (all caps) on the root of the USB drive. Double click on the DAUDIO folder and create new folder called "usa" or "can" (all lower case). Then copy only the folder for your vehicle (see above for reference) and the VR file into the usa or can folder. 

See example below: 


If your vehicle is not listed above, please DO NOT use the update or it will permanently damage the head unit.

For any help with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto issue or question, please call:

Hyundai Customer Care at 800-633-5151

KIA Customer Care at 800-333-4542